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Independent local expertise

Picture an insurance broker who is local to you, understands what it is you need from your insurance protection, and can offer you friendly and well informed advice to that effect. That's precisely what you'll get with A.S. Green & Co. The largest independent insurance broker in our local area of Scarborough, we specialise in business, personal insurance and risk management. Traditional yet forward thinking, the attention to detail paid by our highly experienced staff makes for a commercial or personal insurance package that offers strong support, delivered by a friendly face.

Why choose us

At A.S. Green & Co, we believe in putting the needs of our clients first. This is why we remain an independent broker – we’re not affiliated with any insurer and are therefore able to offer truly impartial advice. Our local, long-standing staff have plenty of broking experience and aim to secure you great cover at competitive rates. And unlike some insurers who are not interested in lower premiums, we treat all our clients with the same care and attention. So whether you’re looking for business insurance or personal insurance, get in touch with A.S. Green & Co today.